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The History of the Peshawari Chappal

The Peshawari sandal known as “Saplai’’ in Pushto was introduced in the early 19th century. The now popular footwear in South Asia was traditionally worn by tribal leaders. It used to be a sign of great wealth and power and slowly became a large part of the Pukhtoon culture that

Why the Pakistani Leather market needs you

One would think that, with the large amount and diversity of livestock available in Pakistan, it’s leather industry would be world class. That, however, is not the case. The industry seems to be lacking, especially when it comes to finished products such as footwear and wallets. The large gap between

Parts & Construction

We at Kobani have embraced Pakistani craftsmanship and embraced our traditional footwear. We are delighted to share our secrets with you, on how we make the “perfect chappal”. Shoe Upper The leather piece that comes over your foot The leather used is chrome tanned, fully-dyed or merely primed Welt The


5 star recommended
Unique,Beautiful and comfortable
I am very happy with Kobani management team.

My Kobani finally shipped to Texas and I love them!! SO stylish, I love the colour and how good the leather looks. And they’ll take a little breaking in but they’re pretty comfortable so far. Definitely recommend

First ever experience with this kind of chappal.
Very professional and friendly team, they exactly know what you require. Build quality and fit is amazing, delivered on time, appreciated by everyone. Highly recommended!
-Ahmad Iqbal

Was looking for a quality genuine leather mat but was unable to find it anywhere until I found kobani. They made me a custom mat set( mat, coaster and tray) according to my specifications in no time and the quality was just amazing, to top it all the customer service is out of this world can’t recommend them enough. Will surely be shopping with them again.

Just got a pair of Kobani Chappals delivered at doorstep… absolutely loved the fit, feel & finish..